Senior WHMSC Web Developer Lead

2 000 - 3 400 / месяц
Вакансия истекает: 11.06.2023

Описание вакансии

Our mission and culture

↪︎ We are on a mission to provide more online anonymity to people worldwide. Join us on the journey!
↪︎ Our core values are the following:

→ Excellence in everything we do (We go above and beyond!)
→ Ownership and responsibility (We own it)
→ Continuously push the limits (We don't accept no as an answer. No is just an opinion)
→ Openness & Cooperation (Everyone matters)

Who are we?

↪︎ SaaS Company
↪︎ Hosting and Networking company, active since 2008
↪︎ Thousands of active paying clients.

About the role

As a senior web development lead, you will be responsible for leading all main developments of the company and integrating our solutions, and for the maintenance of our systems.

Top technical skills you need to have:

  • Proficiency in WHMCS — WHMCS is a leading web hosting automation platform, and mastering its features, functionality, and customization options is essential for developing and managing hosting-related solutions efficiently. (Minimum of 4 years of direct experience working with WHMSC)
  • Expertise in PHP 7/8 — PHP is a widely-used server-side scripting language for web development. Familiarity with the latest versions ensures you can create high-performance, secure, and scalable web applications.
  • Smarty template engine skills — Smarty is a popular PHP-based template engine, and proficiency in it allows for more efficient separation of presentation and application logic, leading to cleaner and more maintainable code.
  • Strong MySQL database knowledge — MySQL is a widely-used open-source relational database management system. Expertise in MySQL ensures you can design, develop, and optimize database systems to support high-performing web applications.
  • API integration and development — Integrating and developing RESTful APIs enables seamless data exchange and communication between different software systems, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of web applications.
    • As APIs allow different software systems to interact, expertise in API integrations, particularly RestAPI, is vital for a Senior Web Developer. This skill enables seamless data exchange and enhances the overall functionality of web applications.
  • Version control using Git — Proficiency in Git is crucial for managing codebase changes, collaborating with other developers, and maintaining an organized and efficient development workflow.
  • (Optional but recommended) Front-end development skills — Mastery of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ensures you can create visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly web interfaces that meet modern web standards.

About you

Top personality/character traits you need to have:

  • Strong problem-solving abilities — The ability to identify, analyze, and resolve complex technical issues is essential for delivering high-quality solutions in a timely manner.
  • Excellent communication skills — Clear and effective communication with team members, stakeholders, and clients ensures a better understanding of project requirements, promotes collaboration, and prevents misunderstandings.
  • Time management and prioritization — Balancing multiple tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities to stay productive and deliver projects on schedule.
  • Adaptability and continuous learning — The tech industry evolves rapidly; being open to learning new technologies and adapting to changes ensures you stay relevant and bring innovation to your projects.
  • Leadership and mentoring — As a Senior Web Developer, guiding and mentoring junior developers helps foster a collaborative environment and ensures the team stays aligned with best practices and project goals.


What’s in it for you?

  • 100% Remote: Fully remote and full-time role. Fully flexible working schedule; you can be online at any time during the day as long as you clock 40 hours per work week and deliver results. The company measures only performance and results
  • Emergency fund: We provide an emergency fund in case of emergencies up to $1,000, interest free and in a comfortable payouts.
  • Personal development: We provide a personal development fund to aid your personal development
  • Focused time blocks: We discourage meetings before noon so employees can have undistracted time to work.
  • Incredible Growth and Promotion Opportunities: We are a small company and there is a lot of opportunity to make your mark, grow professionally and also be promoted.
  • Swag: You get company gear swag shipped to you.
  • Bonus structure: Based off performance, we create bonus structures

Reached the end and still interested? Here are the next steps

This position will be closed as soon as we find the perfect match. So, make sure to read the description carefully, apply promptly, and take your time to submit a high-quality application that stands out.

The hiring process would include the following steps:
↪︎ Filling in an initial questionnaire
↪︎ Linux and technical tests
↪︎ Reading a book
↪︎ Interviews within the company
↪︎ Personality tests
↪︎ Paid tasks
↪︎ Referencing